Anger Management Part Four

In this message we will understand three basic things – Anger that lashes out, Anger that looks back, and Anger that lingers on. All this is coming straight out of the text in Matthew 5:21-30. The previous three messages were laying out the foundation for the series. This one is application all the way.

Anger Management Part Three

Last weekend we learned how to have anger “with a cause.” This weekend we will see what anger “without a cause” looks like. So many of us are guilty of being upset and mad about things that do not matter. We end up destroying relationships, embarrassing ourselves, and disgracing our Savior.

Anger Management Part Two

Last weekend we saw how anger is a divine emotion displayed by God numerous times in the Old Testament and several times by Jesus in the New Testament. It’s the natural outcome of the coming together of His Holiness and Love. Unfortunately, we have used anger for all the wrong reasons. Instead of using it to bring righteousness in this world, we use it to satisfy our selfish needs. This weekend we will see how to redirect anger in our personal lives. This is a very important message especially now when Christians are called to stand firmly and graciously for the truth.

Anger Management

Right after teaching his disciples to obey the laws and commandments of God, Jesus gives the disciples and multitudes a list of antitheses -(you have heard it said...but I say to you...). Jesus begins by confronting his listeners about anger. He compares it to murder. Anger comes in various forms--some blow up, some clam up--, but the results are devastating no matter what. This series will teach us to handle anger in the right ways and for godly reasons.

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