“Adventure is worthwhile in itself” -Amelia Earhart

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself” -Amelia Earhart

So! I’m excited to announce the launch of my daughter Rebecca’s new blog – beccatothefuture.wordpress.com. To kick it off, she talks about our recent adventure with periscope and Facebook live, broadcasting our church service from home last Sunday. With all churches closed because of snow/ice, it was awesome to gather online and worship with believers from all over! Next, she will be broadcasting live from Israel! So follow her! You won’t be disappointed! And yes – I’m very proud of her!

Becca to the Future

Sometimes adventure comes into your life when you least expect it. That is exactly what happened to a group of people on their way to the Holy Land, Israel. This past Friday (1/22) my dad, my sister, me and a group from my church were on our way to the airport, driving over ice and snow. We had prepared for months for this adventure. My dad, my sister and I were going to be filming a documentary for my church. This was a huge project! We drove for an hour and when we arrived at the airport we stood in line for two hours only to find out that our flight had been cancelled due to inclement weather! Needless to say, we were disappointed. After sitting for three more hours we were finally booked for another flight leaving on Tuesday–four days later! Although we extended our trip so that we…

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