CHRISTMAS TREES IN A MINUTE by Pastor Shah, Clearview Church, Henderson

Are Christmas trees just some pagan ritual borrowed from the Scandinavians? While it is true that many cultures have worshipped certain trees, this was not the case for Christians. For them trees were never sacred just symbolic. Adam and Eve took the fruit Old Christmas TreeOld-fashioned Christmas TreeChristmas Tree - I'ts a Wonderful Life




from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Abraham lived by the Oaks of Mamre where He built an altar to the Lord. The people of Israel were promised to become “Trees of Righteousness.” Jesus hung on a tree for our sins. And in Revelation we see the tree of life in the middle of the street of the Heavenly City. So next time you see O Tannenbaum with lights, ornaments, and gifts, think of the many wonderful promises of God, especially the coming of Jesus to die on the cross for us! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tree - Rockefeller Center

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