SANTA IN A MINUTE by Pastor Shah, Clearview Church, Henderson

Many people have a problem with Santa Claus. After all, how does some jolly old elf fit into the Christmas story? Well – Santa Claus was actually St. Nicholas of Bari who lived in the fourth century. His parents died when he was young and Nicholas distributed all his wealth to the poor to became the pastor of Myra in modern-day Turkey.

Father ChristmasSanta by Thomas NastSanta by Norman RockwellCoke Santa





He was known for his prayer life and his strong convictions regarding the deity of Jesus. But more than anything else, he became known for his generosity to the less fortunate, especially children. Stories about his kindness travelled everywhere and Nicholas became known as the giver of gifts in the name of Jesus. So next time you see someone in a Santa costume don’t frown just smile and remember to be generous. Merry Christmas!

St. Nicholas from 1294

Demre Church St. Nicholas

Myra, Turkey




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