Help! I’m Losing My Faith in the Bible.

Lately I’ve heard (more times than I would like to count) about another young man or woman who has turned away from Christianity to atheism or agnosticism. What would cause someone who grew up in church, went to Sunday School, Vacation Bible School,and Youth group to give it all up? What would cause someone to turn their backs on the faith of their parents and grandparents? What would cause someone to discount that moment when they prayed to receive Christ? Although the reasons are many, this Sunday we will focus on why some people turn their backs on the Bible. We will look at the incident when Jesus cleansed the temple in Jerusalem. While John mentions it at the start of Jesus’ ministry, Matthew, Mark, and Luke mention it towards the close of His ministry. This has caused some people to claim that the gospel writers made a clear mistake. Is this true?


In Luke 2 Jesus remained at the temple instead of going home with his parents. This caused quite a commotion and distress for them. In the end they found Him discussing with leaders and elders at the temple. This account has some powerful implications for our children as well as our lives. It’s is important to remember that even though Jesus was never disobedient, as a full human being, He learned obedience (Hebrews 5:8).This is very hard for us to understand. Jesus was always fully God but He chose to restrict Himself and be like us. He chose to grow up as a normal human child.


In Matthew 2 we see the encounter between the magi from the east and King Herod. The magi traveled over 400 miles to come and worship the King of the Jews while Herod was clueless of His birth just 6 miles south in Bethlehem. Even when he found out about Him, Herod was envious and threatened rather than submissive and obedient. What a tragedy! It’s no less a tragedy when people are going to hell right from under the shadow of the steeple. They have heard the truth but have become inoculated. It’s time to ask the Holy Spirit to knock on the doors of the hearts of our friends, family, and neighbors and ask the question –“Where is Jesus?” If they don’t know, it’s our responsibility to share Him with them.


God's ways haven't changed. He wants us to learn to be patient and wait on God's timing. It's not easy. In his timing He gives us much more than we expected. Zacharias and Elizabeth were just hoping to have someone carry on the family name. Instead, they received the herald of the Son of God.

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