Why We Need Community – Part Two

Some people fear that community means someone is going to control my life. Nothing could be further from the truth! Community is the joy of walking with other pilgrims on the road of life. As we learned last weekend, community is vital. It keeps us grounded. It helps us to make wise decisions. The reason many people make foolish decisions is because they live in isolation and get easily blown about by their feelings and emotions.

Why We Need Community – Part 1

In our world of hyper-connectivity with Facebook,Twitter, and other social media, most people are still isolated. They mistakenly think that observing each other's lives from smart phones and computer screens is living in community. Nothing can be further from the truth. Neither can any amount of bible study and prayer take the place of the human touch. Bottom line: God never intended for us to live detached from each other. Christian life was always meant to be lived in community. The reason even Christians seem to be making bad and random decisions is because there is no accountability.

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