Man of Promise by Abidan Shah, PhD

Abraham and Sarah are often depicted as this no-name family moving from Ur to God’s Promised Land. However, they were much more than just wanderers. Abraham, Sarah, and others around them knew something was going on, that God’s plan was in motion. They could see God blessing them and protecting them as they followed His plan in obedience and faith, ultimately leading to the birth of Jesus. The title of this weekend’s message is “MAN OF PROMISE.”


In Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus Christ we find 4 “not so illustrious” names. So far we have seen the first two – Tamar and Rahab. Now we come to the third one – Ruth.

Why did Matthew include her? Because Ruth had three strikes against her – she was poor, a widow, and a Moabite. None of this interfered with God’s plan of grace on Ruth’s life. He saved her and grafted her into Jesus’ genealogy. He can do the same for us today.

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