Reasoning by Abidan Shah, PhD

This weekend, I want to focus on our mind, specifically our thoughts. In Paul’s letter to the Philippians, he spent a great deal of time talking about the mind and how to bring thoughts under control. Our minds often threaten to run away from us. What would it take to glorify God and focus on him with our very thoughts? The title of this weekend’s message is titled “REASONING”.

Intercede by Abidan Shah, PhD

This weekend, we will be diving into the subject of prayer. We will learn some common misconceptions about prayer and take a look at what the Bible says our prayer lives ought to look like. Prayer is a vital part of our spiritual health and if neglected, can produce some harsh consequences. The title of this weekend’s message is “INTERCEDE.”

Church-Autopsy: Paralyzed by Abidan Shah, PhD

This weekend, we are examining the sixth church in the book of Revelation: Philadelphia. The church was doing many things well but was locked in fear and failed to take opportunities that God presented them. Fear can blind us to God’s plan and prevent us from stepping out in obedience. That was true for the church in Philadelphia; is it true for you as well? The title of this weekend’s message is “CHURCH-AUTOPSY: PARALYZED.”

Prayer: Practice by Dr. Abidan Shah

This weekend, we will be in the second part of our series on prayer. Once we understand the doctrine of prayer, it will impact the way we pray. Our practice of prayer shows others what we believe about God and His ability to work in our lives. The title of this weekend’s message is “PRAYER: PRACTICE.”

Justified by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend, we will be looking at the parable of the Pharisee and tax collector. Both characters came to God in prayer, but their hearts were in very different conditions. The Pharisee compared himself to the tax collector, thinking he was justified in the eyes of God. But as we will see in this message, God’s standards are very different from our own. The title of this weekend’s message is “JUSTIFIED.”

Discipleship: Intercession by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend, we turn our attention to the importance of prayer. Throughout Scripture, we see the emphasis on prayer and the privilege of talking to our Heavenly Father. Jesus, Paul, James, and many others in the New Testament talk about the importance of prayer, not only for ourselves but interceding on the behalf of others, too. The title of the message this weekend is “DISCIPLESHIP: INTERCESSION.”

Partners by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend’s message is titled “PARTNERS.” Paul regarded the Philippians as partners in the gospel; their relationship moved Paul to pray for them, that God would bless them and that they would abound in love. Paul’s love for the Philippians is evident in how he prays for them.

How to Close a Prayer by Pastor Abidan Shah

In this message we will look at the line – “For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.” Some people claim that these words were not in the original manuscript. First, we will see how they are original and then we will understand how they are integral to the Lord’s Prayer.

When God is Your Father by Pastor Abidan Shah

We have so many misconceptions about what Jesus meant when He said – “Our Father in Heaven.” For starters, He wasn’t the first one to use the title “Abba” in prayer. Neither does the word “Abba” imply a special love relationship between a little child and his/her father.

Having said that, the true implications of “Our Father in Heaven” are very significant and transforming for our prayer lives.

Talking to the Father: Prayer that gets Heard – Pastor Abidan Shah

Repeatedly Jesus refers to God as the Father. He wants us to see Him as a benevolent and just heavenly father. He wants us to ask Him freely for everything we need.

Many times we have such a clouded view of God. We treat Him like the CEO of heaven, whose only desire is to take things away from us and make us feel miserable. Nothing is further from the truth. God wants us to ask Him for what we need and ask freely.

Secret Religion – Prayer

This week the focus is on Prayer. Again, Jesus warns His disciples not to make prayer a time of spiritual show. Instead, they should pray in secret to their Heavenly Father. In turn, He will not only approve our prayers but also blesses us before all.

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