Greater Than Rome

This weekend, we are beginning a brand new series focused on Christmas, titled “GREATER.” Through this series, we will focus on the society and political structure during the time of Jesus’ birth. Even though times change, people, situations, and politics remain the same. In this first message, we will take a look at the Roman Empire and how it was affected by Jesus’ birth. The title of this weekend’s message is “GREATER THAN ROME.”


THE CHRISTIAN CITIZEN - 2 by Pastor Shah, Clearview, Henderson This morning is our second message in our miniseries through Romans 13, titled, “The Christian Citizen.” Sadly, most Americans are ignorant and naïve on matters concerning government, politics, and economy. More sadly, these subjects are never addressed from the pulpit. But praise God – the... Continue Reading →


THE CHRISTIAN CITIZEN by Pastor Shah, Clearview, Henderson For the next couple of weeks we will be in Romans 13 for a miniseries, titled, “The Christian Citizen.” Sometime back I was riding with a couple of guys and we began to discuss the role of Christians in government and politics. I was not prepared for... Continue Reading →


STOP. THINK. VOTE. Winston Churchill supposedly said, “The strongest argument against democracy is a five-minute discussion with the average voter.” True or not—it seems that way more and more. People seem to be voting more by assumption rather than information, feelings rather than facts, and rhetoric rather than results. Oops....Let me leave the rhetoric behind and share with you... Continue Reading →


STOP. THINK. VOTE. (Sermon by Pastor Shah, Clearview, Henderson) In ten days, our nation will be going to the polls. In fact, the early voting has already begun. With that in mind, I want to preach a message this morning titled, “STOP. THINK. VOTE.” Turn in your Bibles to Deuteronomy 1:5-13. Winston Churchill supposedly said, “The strongest... Continue Reading →

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