Love is Liberating by Pastor Abidan Shah

In the concluding message titled “Love is Liberating,” Paul reminds the Corinthians that true love never ends. It doesn’t have any limitations. It doesn’t use any threats and fears. In fact, it brings a sense of freedom that allows the other person to flourish and love back without any barriers.

Love is Calming by Pastor Abidan Shah

LOVE IS CALMING by Pastor Shah, Clearview Church, Henderson, NC Introduction:  This is the second message in our new series – “LOVE IS THE GREATEST.” As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’re looking at what the Bible has to say about love. Again, please don’t misunderstand, the series is not just about romantic or marital love.... Continue Reading →


In Matthew 2 we read the account of Joseph’s dream where he is warned regarding Herod’s intent to kill the baby Jesus. The angel instructs him to take Mary and the baby and flee to Egypt. Have you ever stopped to examine this account carefully? If Jesus is God’s Son,why is He fleeing from a mere mortal? Why didn’t God move Herod’s heart to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah? If not, why didn’t God just kill Herod? Why didn’t the soldiers have a change of heart? These are some very important questions that have tremendous implications to our daily lives – “Where is God when bad things happen?Where is God when evil people are bent on hurting children, the innocent, and, even, God’s people? Is God too powerless to even carryout His own grand plan in this world?


God's ways haven't changed. He wants us to learn to be patient and wait on God's timing. It's not easy. In his timing He gives us much more than we expected. Zacharias and Elizabeth were just hoping to have someone carry on the family name. Instead, they received the herald of the Son of God.

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