Blessed: Part 2 by Abidan Shah, PhD

This weekend, we will turn our attention to the blessing of parenting. We know what it means to be a parent, but what does it truly look like to parent in a way that points our children to Christ? This message applies to all of us whether you are parents or not. God has entrusted children to us to lead, guide, and help shape into the people he would have them to be. What greater calling is there? The title of this weekend’s message is “BLESSED PART 2.”

Life Span by Abidan Shah PhD

This weekend, we will turn the focus toward ourselves. We will learn about how those cognitive and developmental changes continue over time. We will also have the chance to learn about spiritual changes and how we can strive to stay close to God in every changing season of life. This weekend’s message is titled “LIFE SPAN.”

Training Part Two by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend’s message is a continuation of “TRAINING” from last weekend. We are continuing to look at God’s design for raising children. This week, we will be looking at Psalm 50. God is commanding believers to not assume they can speak for Him or understand His nature. He is God and their assumptions of His character are insulting and sinful.

Train Up a Child by Pastor Abidan Shah

We will be focusing on the characters of Esau and Jacob. They were both born in the same home but with different bents. Why does that happen? Why is it that kids growing up in the same home turn out so different? This message will help us deal with this question. It will also teach us seek God’s grace in parenting. We desperately need it!

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