Can You Handle the Truth About Jesus?

In our series on the life of Christ we come to the passage where Jesus goes to His hometown of Nazareth. At first everything was alright and the locals even admired Him for how He spoke. Then Jesus appropriated the passage from Isaiah 61 to Himself about the Spirit of the Lord being upon Him. At that moment they were angry and began to push Him off the cliff. Jesus rebuked them for rejecting Him. Isn't this true of us? We like the truth as long as it is comfortable and does not demand obedience. But the moment we are confronted with a truth that demands transformation, we find ways to avoid or even deny it.


In Matthew 1 we meet Joseph the unsuspecting participant in God’s divine plan of redemption. The Bible refers to him as a righteous man who did not want to publicly humiliate Mary. He had been advised by his friends and family to leave her quietly. God sent His angel to talk him out of it and be the earthly father of Jesus. Joseph could have refused but he didn’t. What an amazing sacrifice he made! If there’s one attribute lacking in present day Christianity, it is sacrifice. We do what is expected of us and a tad bit more but that’s it. Sacrifice is putting our plans, goals, dreams, and comfort on the altar for the kingdom of God and His people. Bottom line: we can never sacrifice too much. Jesus did that!

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