Before the Manger: How Can a Baby Change My Life?

Many people have a very limited or shallow view of the baby that was born in the manger 2000 years ago. They ask - “What can a little baby do for us? After all, he needs us more than we need him!” But, when we understand who the baby really was before He was born, it changes our perspective. Unlike us, He existed before He came into this world. In fact, He was doing great and mighty things that no human could ever do. He entered our world to do even greater things. When we invite Him into our lives, He transforms us forever.


In Matthew 2 we meet some unusual visitors to the baby Jesus. They were the Magi from the east. Through the centuries scholars have debated over them: Who were they? Who told them about the coming of the Messiah? What was this star? Although, many of these questions may remain a mystery, one thing is for sure – the coming of Jesus Christ reminds us that God is not just the God of the Jewish people but of all peoples. Our world desperately needs to hear the message that God loves all people. Jesus came to save everyone who is willing to receive Him. On one hand, we need to remain firm in our biblical convictions and, on the other hand, we need to be full of compassion.


In Matthew 1 we meet Joseph the unsuspecting participant in God’s divine plan of redemption. The Bible refers to him as a righteous man who did not want to publicly humiliate Mary. He had been advised by his friends and family to leave her quietly. God sent His angel to talk him out of it and be the earthly father of Jesus. Joseph could have refused but he didn’t. What an amazing sacrifice he made! If there’s one attribute lacking in present day Christianity, it is sacrifice. We do what is expected of us and a tad bit more but that’s it. Sacrifice is putting our plans, goals, dreams, and comfort on the altar for the kingdom of God and His people. Bottom line: we can never sacrifice too much. Jesus did that!

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