The Fear-Defier by Pastor Abidan Shah

We will be learning about Jesus walking on the water and calling Peter out of the boat. Peter was inspired to face his fears because he was looking to and trusting in Jesus. Even though the storm was still raging, Peter stepped out of the boat and walked on the water. Jesus defies our fears by igniting our faith.

The Life-Giver by Pastor Abidan Shah

In this episode of Jesus’ ministry we see Him stopping a funeral procession and bringing a dead man to life. As you can imagine, it made a radical impact on the onlookers. Even today Jesus is bringing the spiritually dead to life, which is the greater miracle!

Miracles Happen by Pastor Abidan Shah

The first message is titled “Miracles Happen”. Instead of jumping in and looking at the miracles we will begin looking at the question, “Do Miracles Happen?” Unfortunately, people have become armchair skeptics. This message will challenge is to open our eyes of faith and believe God.

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