Living Stone by Dr. Abidan Shah

This weekend, we are moving forward in chapter two of 1 Peter. Peter tells his readers that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone, the One upon whom our faith is established. Those who believe in Him will not be put to shame, no matter what others may think. The title of this weekend’s message is “LIVING STONE.”

Partners by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend’s message is titled “PARTNERS.” Paul regarded the Philippians as partners in the gospel; their relationship moved Paul to pray for them, that God would bless them and that they would abound in love. Paul’s love for the Philippians is evident in how he prays for them.

No Benchwarmers by Pastor Abidan Shah

Christianity is more than just a come and sit religion. It is a call to do go and serve. We are saved to serve. Many Christians feel as if something is missing in their Christian walk. They search high and low for some secret formula to joy and fulfillment but to no avail. True joy and fulfillment can only be found in allowing the Holy Spirit to find a place for us to serve in God’s Kingdom.

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