Backsliding Mind by Pastor Abidan Shah

In this final message, we take a look at Paul’s warning against falling back into a sinful pattern simply because he is absent. He tells the Philippians to stand firm and not turn away from the things that they have learned or the work that God had begun in them. The title of this weekend’s message is “BACKSLIDING MIND.”

Envious Mind by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend, we will take a look at another roadblock to having the mind of Christ: an “ENVIOUS MIND.” When you are constantly looking at others and comparing yourself or what you have, the process of God working in your heart is halted. Envy is the enemy of unity in the church and working together for the sake of the gospel.

Fearful Mind by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend, we will begin a miniseries within MIND RESET that takes a look at the roadblocks to having the mind of Christ. There are mindsets that need to be removed in order for us to allow God to work in us. The first roadblock we will look at this weekend is the “FEARFUL MIND.”

Bondservant by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend, we are continuing in our study of Philippians 2:5-11, specifically examining the word “bondservant.” In order to understand what it means for Christ to be our bondservant, we must first understand what Paul meant by that term. This message will also help us understand how to better follow Christ’s example of serving others. The title of this week’s message is “BONDSERVANT.”

True Esteem (Part Two) by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend, we are taking a look at the nature of Jesus. He is fully God, and yet He became fully man. Scholars have debated this for hundreds of years, and yet it was always part of God’s perfect plan of redemption. The title of our message this weekend is “TRUE ESTEEM PART TWO.”

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