Justification: Instruction by Dr. Abidan Shah

This weekend, we will continue in our series as we head toward Easter. We will be taking a look at the law of God and its impact on the life of the believer. This is something that might be difficult for us to understand. Maybe you think of the law of God as being an Old Testament concept and that after Jesus, the Christian life was all about grace. While the grace of God is important, the law of God is not diminished. This weekend’s message is titled “JUSTIFICATION: INSTRUCTION.”

Believing is Seeing by Pastor Abidan Shah

Many people are looking for evidence before they can place their faith in Christ. This is contrary to what Jesus told those who opposed Him. He challenged them to re-read Moses because “he wrote about Me.” The reason the Pharisees couldn’t see Jesus in Moses’s writings is because they didn’t believe Moses.

Trust and Obey

I'll be preaching a message called - "Trust and Obey." Jesus is teaching His disciples that following Him is not a substitute to obeying God. In fact, the standards are higher than that of the Pharisees and the scribes. He will give a series of "You've heard it said...but I say to you."

Ultimately, the only way people can obey such high standards is through the help of the Holy Spirit. He is indispensable to live the Christian Life.


We take time off, brave the crowds, and spend our hard earned money to buy presents because we like to see our loved ones happy. We find joy in seeing them excited. So also, God takes delight in seeing us open the two greatest gifts He sent us in His Son Jesus – grace and truth.

This is one message we cannot afford to miss. Many Christians are living in condemnation when they should be walking by grace. Other Christians are living in lies when they should be walking in the truth. Grace lifts us up and truth sets us free.


MOTIVATED BY ABUNDANT GRACE by Pastor Shah, Clearview, Henderson Romans 5-8 are the heart of this book. In fact, they are the heart of Christianity. Ray Stedman (Chuck Swindoll’s mentor) said that, “Romans 5 is a graduation exercise. It takes us from the elementary grades of Christian life into high school….” Most Christians have massive gaps... Continue Reading →

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