God’s Unfailing Word by Pastor Abidan Shah

The book of 1 Peter in the New Testament encourages believers to remember that temporary suffering is an opportunity to make them more like Christ. He writes that, although this life is chaotic and uncertain, God’s Word is eternal and unchanging. It is only in the Bible that we can find peace, hope, and the answers to our deepest needs.

Help! I’m Losing My Faith in the Bible.

Lately I’ve heard (more times than I would like to count) about another young man or woman who has turned away from Christianity to atheism or agnosticism. What would cause someone who grew up in church, went to Sunday School, Vacation Bible School,and Youth group to give it all up? What would cause someone to turn their backs on the faith of their parents and grandparents? What would cause someone to discount that moment when they prayed to receive Christ? Although the reasons are many, this Sunday we will focus on why some people turn their backs on the Bible. We will look at the incident when Jesus cleansed the temple in Jerusalem. While John mentions it at the start of Jesus’ ministry, Matthew, Mark, and Luke mention it towards the close of His ministry. This has caused some people to claim that the gospel writers made a clear mistake. Is this true?

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