DIGGING DEEP 2 (Bible Translations) by Abidan Paul Shah

In this Summer Bible Study we will be learning how to pick the best Bible translation. Don't be misled by the title. This is not just about picking between NIV and KJV or NASB and THE MESSAGE. We will be looking at deeper issues as to what goes behind translating the ancient languages in which the Bible was written. We will be debating issues such as "Is form more important than meaning or vice-versa?" Don't miss this!

Episode 17: Running the Race (ft. Dr David Alan Black)

In this episode, Abidan Paul Shah will be talking with Dr. David Alan Black about his newest book "Running My Race: Reflections on Life, Loss, Aging, and Forty Years of Teaching." It's about learning to deal with the pains of life in a way that draws us closer to the heart of God. Both laypeople and scholars will benefit from this book.

Episode 11: Biblical Words

In this episode, Abidan Paul Shah focuses on biblical words and their meanings. Often people do poor word studies and misinterpret passages. This episode will teach you to study words in their proper contexts.

Episode 2: Dr. David Alan Black

In this second episode of Hoi Polloi, Abidan Shah interviews Dr. David Alan Black.  Dr. Black is a noted Greek scholar and also teaches at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  In the interview Pastor Shah asks about Dr. Black's new book entitled, "It's All Greek to Me".  If you have any questions or topics you would like... Continue Reading →

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