Episode 52: #iamtheneighbor

This week, the Clearview Church staff sit down and discuss the #iamtheneighbor project and the importance of generosity. If you have any questions or have a recommendation for a topic, send us an email at carpemanana@cleaviewbc.org. If you like this episode, leave us a rating and share it with your friends!

Neighbor by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend, we turn our attention to the parable of the good Samaritan. This is one of the most well-known parables, and yet we will hear its challenge with fresh ears this weekend. Just like Jesus’ original audience, we are called to be a neighbor to those around us. The title of the message this weekend is “NEIGHBOR.”

A Mind To Work by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend, in light of the Ministry Drive, we will be taking a look at Nehemiah and the account of God’s people rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. Although people doubted they could accomplish the task before them, they succeeded because they had a unity of spirit and purpose. This weekend’s message is titled “A MIND TO WORK.”


LEARNING TO GIVE SACRIFICIALLY by Pastor Shah God used Nehemiah to lead the Jewish people to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. The whole project was nothing short of supernatural! Nonetheless, the people had to give financially to the work. Why? Because God does not violate natural laws and human laws. The mortar still had to... Continue Reading →


GETTING A HANDLE ON MONEY by Pastor Shah, Clearview, Henderson Nehemiah 7:70-73 70 And some of the heads of the fathers’ houses gave to the work. The governor gave to the treasury one thousand gold drachmas, fifty basins, and five hundred and thirty priestly garments. 71 Some of the heads of the fathers’ houses gave to the... Continue Reading →

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