Americans showed up in record numbers last Wednesday, showing their support for Chick-fil-A, setting a record. It all began when Dan Cathy, president of the fast-food chain, affirmed the company’s support for traditional marriage. Even though there was nothing anti-gay in his comments, some called it hate-speech and told people to boycott the restaurant. Mike Huckabee, former Presidential candidate, called for a Chick-fil-A appreciation day on August 1, asking people to visit the restaurant and show their support for free speech. And visit they did!

What I have found particularly interesting are the outrageous remarks by some! Besides the juvenile “eat your hate-sandwich” and “choke on the chicken,” there were some that needed to be answered. Here’s the first one—“How can you as a Christian hate someone?” To start with, people who make such statements need to read some of the hate that is spewed out by those who opposed the event. I tried to read a few on Facebook and had to stop for all the French! I don’t believe anybody in line at Chick-fil-A was cursing homosexuals. No gays and lesbians were denied service. No civil rights were infringed. It was open to all. Hundreds of thousands paid their hard-earned money for a meal, peacefully standing for more than an hour, feeling the satisfaction of supporting their personal values, glad that they live in a country where they still can. That’s not hate. That’s freedom.

Then there is—“Businesses should stay out of religion.” For starters, businesses don’t stay in or out of religion, people do. People operate their businesses by the religious principles of their choosing. In fact, many have been monetarily supporting values that are contrary to biblical principles. If you try to confront them, you will be met with “no comments” or “check with the corporate office.” Dan Cathy should be commended for not hiding behind some mysterious “corporate office” but stepping out in front and honestly answering questions. Americans (not just Christians) showed up in record numbers to support him and not just a “Christian business.” As Cathy stated clearly —“We don’t claim to be a Christian business…Companies are not lost or saved, but certainly individuals are…But as an organization we can operate on biblical principles.”

Finally—“People are turned off to Christianity when we have these Christians vs homosexual events.” This one is kind of like the “Christians should stay out of politics and go hand out tracts and stuff. Let the politicians do their job.” Few Christians even fall for it. It does sound noble and spiritual but it is hogwash (for lack of a better term). There is a big difference between evangelism and standing up against the anti-Christian agenda in America. Of course, we are to share the love of Christ with the lost and win them to the truth. At the same time, we cannot stand back and watch the extreme left destroy America. There is a place to love people unconditionally and then there is a place to be the salt and the light. Christians are called to be citizens of two worlds: earthly and heavenly. Of course, we are looking forward to our heavenly homes but as long as we are on earth, we are to make it as heavenly as possible.

One more remark—“How about those poor chicken? Nobody asked their opinion.” I think…..I smell a conspiracy between the cows and the pigs.



As May 8th approaches, more and more North Carolinians are making their way early to the polling booths. Unlike earlier primaries, the main issue on their minds is not the various candidates running for office but the referendum on the Marriage Protection Amendment. Those who support the amendment repeatedly warn that failure to pass the amendment will negatively impact businesses and religious organizations. Those who oppose the amendment rebuff such warnings, claiming that nothing will change—life will go on as we know it. If anything, it will bring rights and freedom to homosexuals. Although I agree that every American is entitled to certain rights and freedom, I want us to look at them from the viewpoint of the family.

If the Amendment fails, it will have serious impact on parental rights. Children are not the property of the state to be indoctrinated with the propaganda of some Führer; they are the heritage of their parents to be reared under their guidance, love, and protection. Parents are the rightful instructors in all matters on morality and ethics, especially sexuality. That line has been crossed already by the introduction of sex education into the school curriculum. Such issues should have remained at the sole discretion of the parents. Furthermore, sex-education is based on the erroneous belief that information equals transformation. As if, a thief will stop stealing if he is given courses in safe-larceny and safe-burglary! Some may consider this to be naïve and argue that “kids will do what they want to do.” To them, I will answer, “Kids follow by example.” It is not the principle of abstinence that is at fault but the inconsistent lifestyle of the adults. Abstinence from sex until marriage remains the only approach that protects against STDs, prevents teen pregnancies, and results in well-adjusted people with less emotional hang-ups; it reinforces the values and beliefs of the parents and the society. Such was the case until recently…

For almost 15 years, North Carolina schools followed the Abstinence-Until-Marriage (AUM) law with relative success. Three years ago the General Assembly passed the Healthy Youth Act (HYA) – which expanded sex-education to include information on sexually transmitted diseases and contraceptives. Contrary to what is often assumed, the HYA is not a mandate for a condom-based sex education only. In fact, AUM is still the standard and parents still reserve the right to check the materials that are taught to their children and can choose to opt their children out of anything they find offensive and harmful in the Reproductive Health and Safety Education. Unfortunately, most Parents are unaware or busy and rarely get around to checking on such matters. Consequently, children are being bombarded with mixed messages—on the one hand, they are told to stay pure until marriage; on the other hand, they are given instructions on how to have “safe sex.” Imagine the confusion! In some ways, we are damaging the future citizens of our state and nation.

Back to the amendment issue—if the amendment fails, it will only make matters worse for our children. Special interest agenda groups are still not satisfied with the HYA. They claim that it is not comprehensive enough since it advocates heterosexual marriages as the best way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. It is a matter of time before the current sex education curriculum will be revised to include homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle. Homosexuality deals with questions of fundamental identity, morality, ethics, and religion. Children should not be subjected to such adult matters. After all, even movie theaters have age-limits for movies with adult themes. Isn’t it reasonable to expect the same at our schools? Don’t our children have the right to enjoy growing up in innocence, free from the agenda of the few?

Our nation and state is only as strong as our families. Passing the marriage amendment will ensure the rights and freedoms of the American family, especially our children.

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