Adopted Father by Dr. Abidan Shah

This weekend, I want to talk about more than just biological fathers. Throughout Scripture, we see godly men investing in and mentoring younger men. Perhaps the most famous example is that of Paul and Timothy, whom he refers to as his son in the faith. This Father’s Day weekend, I will be preaching a message on these adopted fathers who help guide us spiritually.

Upbringing by Pastor Abidan Shah

This weekend, we will be looking at the relationship between Paul and Timothy. Paul repeatedly refers to Timothy as his son in the faith and makes a point to shape him spiritually, something Timothy’s own father failed to do. The title of this weekend’s message is “UPBRINGING.”


Last week we looked at the first 5 letters that Solomon wrote to his son Rehoboam. He warned him to avoid the wrong crowd, seek wisdom, be successful, appreciate discipline, and have a godly heritage. In the next 5 letters, he will be reminding his son about the dangers of bad company, exercise self control and have a happy marriage. The last point is so important that Solomon dedicates the last 3 letters to it! Our children desperately need dads who will take the time to lead their children in these vital truths, especially on how to have a happy home.

Dads Wanted

Unfortunately, our Western culture has invented a whole different concept of the home where fathers are tolerated rather than respected. They are told that they are stupid and cannot do anything right. They are told that they are insensitive and need to be more in touch with their feelings. They are told that its better without them rather than with them.

The result is obvious. Children are going off the deep end. Sex roles are all twisted. Churches are sitting empty. And, the home, society, and nation are becoming weaker and weaker.

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