Identity by Dr. Abidan Shah

This weekend, we begin going through Peter’s letter to Jewish believers scattered throughout the region. They were discouraged and felt like they no longer had an identity as a people group. Peter reminds them, not of their previous identity, but of their new identity as Christians. The title of this weekend’s message is “IDENTITY.”


Have you seen the news lately? More ISIS beheadings; Ebola claims more victims; unemployment on the rise; further attacks on traditional marriage; and the list goes on. One wonders – where is God in all this? Is He just sitting up there twiddling his thumbs? Has He abandoned us to our own destruction? These were the same questions that people were asking in the first century and just when it seemed as if all hope was gone, Jesus was born as a little baby in a manger. Who would expect God to show up in such innocence, humility, and simplicity! He came in the most unexpected and simple way and the first invitees to His coming were humble shepherds. So where is God in this crazy world? He is working in the most unexpected places and in the most humble manner. He is saving those who are willing to hear His voice.

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