Uncomfortable Obedience by Dr. Abidan Shah (2021)

There are many things that God commands us to do that we can do with a joyful and a willing heart. For example: studying his word, loving our family and children, and using our gifts in his service. But then, there are things that He commands us to do that are not as fun and exciting. They are uncomfortable. They push us past our limits. Sometimes, they are downright unbearable. How do we obey God even when it is uncomfortable?

Greater than Religion by Dr. Abidan Shah

This weekend, we will take a look at how Jesus’ birth was perceived by the religious leaders of His day. They were used to being in power and navigating the political climate of that day for their benefit. However, the coming of Jesus radically changed their way of life. The title of this weekend’s message is “GREATER THAN RELIGION.”

Greater Than Rome

This weekend, we are beginning a brand new series focused on Christmas, titled “GREATER.” Through this series, we will focus on the society and political structure during the time of Jesus’ birth. Even though times change, people, situations, and politics remain the same. In this first message, we will take a look at the Roman Empire and how it was affected by Jesus’ birth. The title of this weekend’s message is “GREATER THAN ROME.”

Royal – Our Universal King by Pastor Shah

OUR UNIVERSAL KING by Pastor Shah, Clearview Church, Henderson Introduction: One of my favorite Disney movies is Robinhood, the animated version. Of course, you have familiar characters like Robinhood, Little John, and the Sheriff of Nottingham but one of the funniest characters is “Prince John.” He is the “Phony King of England” who hates Robinhood for... Continue Reading →

Fulfilled: Manner of Jesus’ Birth by Pastor Abidan Shah

This is the third message in our series, focusing on the manner of Jesus’ birth. Many people today will claim to be Christians, but denounce the virginal conception. This is critical to our faith, though, as it not only proves Jesus is the Son of God but that He is the One promised from the Old Testament. It sets Him apart from any other religion or deity that promises salvation.

Believing is Seeing by Pastor Abidan Shah

Many people are looking for evidence before they can place their faith in Christ. This is contrary to what Jesus told those who opposed Him. He challenged them to re-read Moses because “he wrote about Me.” The reason the Pharisees couldn’t see Jesus in Moses’s writings is because they didn’t believe Moses.

What is Jesus Doing in Your Life?

When we study the Old Testament and the New Testament side by side we begin to realize that Jesus was none other than the “Angel of the Lord” who visited His people time and again before His birth 2000 years ago. In His pre-incarnate visits He did certain ministries for His people. Amazingly, those were the same ministries that He performed in His years on earth. And, yes – those are the same ministries that He still does for His people today. What is He doing in your life right now?

Before the Manger: How Can a Baby Change My Life?

Many people have a very limited or shallow view of the baby that was born in the manger 2000 years ago. They ask - “What can a little baby do for us? After all, he needs us more than we need him!” But, when we understand who the baby really was before He was born, it changes our perspective. Unlike us, He existed before He came into this world. In fact, He was doing great and mighty things that no human could ever do. He entered our world to do even greater things. When we invite Him into our lives, He transforms us forever.

How to Enjoy the Holidays

It is that time of year when things start getting hectic with Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas not too far away. Unfortunately, people get stressed out with work, shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. and miss out on the real meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas.


What does kissing under a mistletoe have to do with Christmas? In ancient times mistletoe was considered a miracle plant. When everything was dead in the harsh winter, this rootless parasitic plant was still flourishing. It symbolized life, hope, and fertility. Ancient Druids and Vikings thought this plant was so sacred that they would marry under it. When they became Christians, the mistletoe took on a deeper meaning. It reminded them of God’s power to bring life where there was death. Later on in England, when a couple passed under the plant, they had to stop and kiss and if they did, God would bless them with an everlasting love. So next time someone points out “Hey! You’re under a mistletoe,” think about the undying love of God in Jesus Christ and oh yes, pucker up! Merry Christmas!

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