When God Calls You by Pastor Abidan Shah

First, we will see how Matthew got his call to follow Jesus and how he immediately complied. We need to remember that God is constantly calling men and women, boys and girls to follow Him. Is He calling you? What is your answer? Furthermore, Matthew got busy inviting his old buddies to come and meet Jesus. Do your friends know Jesus? Have you invited them to meet Him?


In our series on the life of Christ we come to the passage where Jesus called Peter. We typically think of the passage where Peter and his brother Andrew were by the Sea of Galilee mending their nets and Jesus called them to follow Him. We picture them dropping their nets and following Him immediately. Many of us have heard wonderful messages on the need to follow Jesus immediately. Only problem – did you know that there are 4 different accounts of Jesus’ interaction with Peter?!! The point is – it took 4 different callings (at least that many are actually recorded in the gospels) before Peter left all and followed Jesus. The message is that God is more gracious than we realize. He works with us and draws us to Himself, even when we keep turning back. We don’t deserve anything but His wrath. God is so compassionate and patient towards us. It’s time to turn to Him and follow Him.

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