Sufficient: True Vine by Dr. Abidan Shah

This weekend, we come to the final “I am” statement of Jesus in the book of John. Jesus states that he is the true vine. This is imagery that would have resonated with his listeners, but the implications here are so much greater than we might initially see. The only way for us to bear spiritual fruit is to be connected to our source, Jesus Christ. The title of this weekend’s message is “SUFFICIENT: TRUE VINE.”


Many Christians feel that something is missing in their Christian life. They are tired of trying to live the Christian life. They are tired of religion with all its traditions and rituals and rules and obligations. Christianity has lost its joy and purpose for them. Some try their whole life to revive that lost feeling and joy they once had. Unfortunately, some cling harder to traditions and rituals while others go on a search for some missing link or secret that would take them to a higher plane. Sadly, there are yet others who just give up on Christianity altogether and go their own way. Christian life is no secret! Jesus gave the open secret in John 15 – It’s HIM! Christianity is Christ. As long as we stay focused upon Him and connected to Him, life flows through us and everything is provided at the right time and in the right way.

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