Heart Search by Pastor Abidan Shah

The Corinthians were treating each other hatefully during the Communion part of the Love Feast. What was supposed to be a somber moment became a shameful display. Paul had to chastise them and take them back to the fateful night when Jesus celebrated the final Communion with his disciples. Paul commands the Corinthians to examine their hearts and to see if they are ready to take part of such a great meal.

Love is Calming by Pastor Abidan Shah

LOVE IS CALMING by Pastor Shah, Clearview Church, Henderson, NC Introduction:  This is the second message in our new series – “LOVE IS THE GREATEST.” As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’re looking at what the Bible has to say about love. Again, please don’t misunderstand, the series is not just about romantic or marital love.... Continue Reading →

Love is the Greatest by Pastor Abidan Shah

Paul not only spent time with the Corinthians, but he wrote back to them, helping them understand how to live and how to love. In this series, based on 1 Corinthians 13, we are going to understand love from God’s perspective—in family, in the church, in our community and in our nation and our world.

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