Family Resemblance by Dr. Abidan Shah

In this first message, we will focus on Peter’s reminders to both wives and husbands regarding how they ought to treat one another. Peter wants his readers to understand that they ought to model themselves after their forefathers, Abraham and Sarah, rather than the world around them. As we are living in exile today, this message is true for us as well.


In Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus Christ we find 4 “not so illustrious” names. So far we have seen the first two – Tamar and Rahab. Now we come to the third one – Ruth. Why did Matthew include her? Because Ruth had three strikes against her – she was poor, a widow, and a Moabite. None of this interfered with God’s plan of grace on Ruth’s life. He saved her and grafted her into Jesus’ genealogy. He can do the same for us today.

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