Genesis by Dr. Abidan Shah

This weekend, we are turning our attention to the beginning of creation. People can offer many different theories and ideas, but how does science’s account of the beginning of creation line up with what God says in His Word? The book of Genesis offers us a very detailed account of how God made the world around us. In understanding more about creation, we understand more about our Creator and His plan for us. The title of this weekend’s message is “GENESIS”.

Inheritance by Dr. Shah

This weekend, we will be looking at the parable of the sheep and the goats. Toward the end of the Olivet Discourse, Jesus challenged his listeners to think about their actions and the judgment that was to come. He showed them that this life is not all there is, but what we do here impacts our eternity. The title of this weekend’s message is “INHERITANCE.”

The Blessing of Humility

I believe that this is probably the most difficult beatitude that Jesus gave because it deals with the one subject that all of us struggle with – humility. As someone said, “Just when you think you are humble, you’ve lost it.” God gives His grace to the humble. First we will ask – what does it mean to be meek? Then we will ask – what does it mean to “inherit the earth?” Finally we will see how this blessing applies in the Christian life. When we begin to live by the spirit of humility, we truly live by grace. It is freeing. It brings glory to the name of Christ. It transforms the world around us. Imagine if everyone had the spirit of humility.

Salt and Light: The Myth of a Secular Nation

In our series on the life of Christ we come now to the Beatitudes. This passage has been interpreted in various ways throughout the history of the church. There have been numerous debates about whether or not it is applicable to the believers today. The titles range from “The Secret to the Blessed Life” to “The Blessings of the Christian Life.” Could it be that we are missing the very essence and purpose of this passage? When we read it carefully we notice that the blessing passages are leading towards Matthew 5:13-14 “You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world.” The Beatitudes were not given to help us in our own personal lives as much as to live a life impacting the world around us. This is one message that you cannot afford to miss! It will not only challenge us to live a life of blessing but also help us transform the world around us.

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