Worthless to Priceless (Not Only for Women)

Great post by my daughter Rebecca! She’s a remarkable young girl! Worth Reading!

Becca to the Future

Have you ever gone through a hard time in your life when someone mistreated you, whether it be a family member or a friend? What about a break up? Or a friend left you out? How did it make you feel? Personally, when things like this happen to me I tend to feel worthless. Not feeling wanted or accepted can do that. Sometimes this feeling can come about just by living life. You are living life: going to class, going to work, doing homework… ok so are you just another person on this earth? NO! Something that I have learned these past couple of weeks is how priceless I am. And not just me, but each and every one of us! There was a particular day when I was just feeling sad and lonely, like we all do sometimes. I thought maybe while I was getting ready I would listen…

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