MISTLETOE IN A MINUTE by Pastor Shah, Clearview Church, Henderson

What does kissing under a mistletoe have to do with Christmas? In ancient times mistletoe was considered a miracle plant. When everything was dead in the harsh winter, this rootless parasitic plant was still flourishing. It symbolized life, hope, and fertility. mistletoe-sprig1
Mistletoe OldMistletoe - Norman Rockwell






Ancient Druids and Vikings thought this plant was so sacred that they would marry under it. When they became Christians, the mistletoe took on a deeper meaning. It reminded them of God’s power to bring life where there was death. Later on in England, when a couple passed under the plant, they had to stop and kiss and if they did, God would bless them with an everlasting love. So next time someone points out “Hey! You’re under a mistletoe,” think about the undying love of God in Jesus Christ and oh yes, pucker up! Merry Christmas!

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