After 9/11 the question was asked, “Why do they hate us?” Is it because of our foreign policies? Is it because of low morals and values in our society? Is it because of our wealth and wasteful lifestyles? Is it because of our ideals of democracy and freedom? There seemed to be no clear answer. Almost a decade later they still hate us. There have been several attempts to attack us.

It would seem that the major changes in America would have made things better. After all we have a new government with a different ideology and foreign policy. It was promised that if America were to change its reputation before the world, we would gain friends. That hasn’t worked. As to our lavish lifestyles, the US economy has taken a hard knock in the past two years. Thousands upon thousands of Americans have lost their jobs. The world saw that these were not characters out of Hollywood movies but ordinary people just like them. That still didn’t seem to be enough.

Those who bring up our foreign policies as a reason for hating us need to stop misrepresenting history. In fact, they need to examine themselves first. Some of them need to stop supporting terrorists in their own neighboring countries.

Here are some reasons worth considering:

Could it be that our moral laxity has been the fuel that has caused the hatred to burn among the radicals? Some of the things that are taking place in our nation are not only abhorring to us but also to the watching world. Sadly, some of our trash is being funnelled into these foreign nations through the entertainment industry and under humanitarian pretexts. This needs to be stopped. The world needs to see that most Americans are for moral values in this nation. That is a big point that we can all agree upon. This will definitely send a positive message for anyone standing on the fence and thinking about embracing the radical cause.

Could it be that there is a feeling of jealousy against the United States? In less than 250 years we have accomplished much more than nations who are thousands of years old. We come in all shades and backgrounds but share the same American spirit. Even 9/11 could not destroy us as a people. We are still the land of freedoms and opportunities. The poor in America seem to live far better than the majority of the people in the world. According to a recent Gallup poll about 165 million people would love to move to America in spite of the economic crisis. Contrary to what is often portrayed most people love and admire the United States. Then there are those who would love to see us fall.

Could it be that these radical’s consider it their responsibility to destroy our foundations? Recently, I was on a local flight from RDU to New Jersey. Next to me sat a well-dressed, middle-aged businesswoman. She seemed to be fairly well informed about the current issues facing America. At one point she remarked, “I have often thought about these people who hate America. If I could just invite them over and just talk with them over a cup of coffee, I think I can get them to change their minds.” Although I admire her spirit, I doubt that it is that simple. America was built on Biblical values. Such radicals will have to accept our Judeo-Christian foundations.

The only thing that will deter them from thinking about attacking us is a strong military. As Theodore Roosevelt said on more than one occasion: “I have always been fond of the West African proverb: ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick.’” At the same time, the only thing that has the power to change the heart is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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