Prayer: Practice by Dr. Abidan Shah

This weekend, we will be in the second part of our series on prayer. Once we understand the doctrine of prayer, it will impact the way we pray. Our practice of prayer shows others what we believe about God and His ability to work in our lives. The title of this weekend’s message is “PRAYER: PRACTICE.”

Desperate by Pastor Abidan Shah

DESPERATE by Pastor Shah, Clearview Church, Henderson Introduction: It’s amazing how God lines up our activities at Clearview. He knew that this weekend Curt Mulhollen will be called home and so he set up our 24-hour prayer vigil during the time that he was dying. Also, as many of you know, Curt was very active with... Continue Reading →

How to Close a Prayer by Pastor Abidan Shah

In this message we will look at the line – “For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.” Some people claim that these words were not in the original manuscript. First, we will see how they are original and then we will understand how they are integral to the Lord’s Prayer.

When God Tests Us by Pastor Abidan Shah

Have you ever taken the time to really examine this petition? Jesus wants us to pray that we will be exempt from testing. If that’s the case, then why is testing considered vital to our spiritual growth? Aren’t we supposed to be joyful in the face of testing, per James?

When God Forgives by Pastor Abidan Shah

In this message we will focus on the line – “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” This is by far the most important message in this series. Our world is in desperate need of heavy doses of forgiveness. We need both to receive forgiveness and give forgiveness. Furthermore, human forgiveness is inextricably linked with divine forgiveness.

This message is easier preached than practiced! I am not referring to the simplistic “I’m sorry.” I am thinking about deep pains and hurts that cannot be voiced or explained. Such are the ones that deserve to be forgiven. Such are the ones that God in Christ has forgiven in us.

When God Meets Our Needs by Pastor Abidan Shah

In this message we will focus on the line – “Give us this day our daily bread.” After focusing on the glory of God in the first three petitions, Jesus turns towards personal petitions. He begins with our daily need for bread. It is obvious that He was talking about much more than just bread. It was an invitation to come without fear to our heavenly father for our daily needs.

When God’s Will is Done by Pastor Abidan Shah

In this message we will focus on the line – “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Unlike our modern day obsession with discovering God’s will for our lives, the prayer is a declaration that God’s will is perfect and deserves our ultimate submission. When we truly surrender to God’s will, then we can live in complete peace and joy, knowing that all will work out for the best.

When God is Our King by Pastor Abidan Shah

In this message we will focus on the third line of the prayer – “Your Kingdom Come.” The phrase “kingdom of God” or “kingdom of heaven” has been hotly debated for quite some time. In this message we will understand what it means, “WHEN GOD IS OUR KING.” This message is particularly important in our time when we are seeking the right leader to lead to our great nation.

When God is Your Father by Pastor Abidan Shah

We have so many misconceptions about what Jesus meant when He said – “Our Father in Heaven.” For starters, He wasn’t the first one to use the title “Abba” in prayer. Neither does the word “Abba” imply a special love relationship between a little child and his/her father.

Having said that, the true implications of “Our Father in Heaven” are very significant and transforming for our prayer lives.

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