How Do They Do It?

How Do They Do It?

Ever wonder how people make it without God, check out this short article by my daughter Rebecca

Becca to the Future

Everyone goes through hard times. How do people do it when they don’t have God? Personally, God is the only thing that is truly & eternally stable in my life. I come from a wonderful family & I love them each very much. But they are human & will continuously make mistakes. When I am going through a hard time I run to my parents but they can only give me so much comfort. True comfort comes from our eternal Comforter. I also have wonderful friends. I love each & every one of them, but they have problems of their own as well. How are we supposed lean on someone that is probably just as unstable as we are. Sure we can lean on eachother for a while but eventually when the earthquake becomes too much, we will both fall. Even a husband & a wife cannot continuously lean on…

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