Truth or Lies

Great Post by my wife!

A Bright New Day

What labels do you wear? I don’t mean clothing labels, I mean the ones we were assigned as children or as teens. For example, tall for your age, skinny, fat, freckled, ugly, stupid, slow, or dumb. We all carry around labels whether they were put upon us by another person or we labeled our self. “Labels can cut to the core. Wearing a discouraging or untruthful label feels like you’re in a constant wrestling match.” You don’t want to believe the label so you are constantly trying to get out from under it or to change it. On the other hand, we all have labels that are unchangeable such as: mother, father, wife, husband, widowed, divorced, single, diabetic, or infertile. These labels are part of who we are, and “sometimes we assign a fate to our labels that is worse than the fact itself.” If we are not labeling ourselves…

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