Ten years ago the landmarks of our American life were viciously attacked. The shock-filled faces of the onlookers flashed across television screens everywhere. The world watched in horror as our nation reeled under the devastating blow. As shock turned to grief, people saw a side of everyday Americans that they had never seen before. East or west, everyone seemed to understand the universal language of tears. One French newspaper, Le Monde, ran the headlines “Nous sommes tous Américains,” which translates, “We are all Americans.” For a moment it seemed that the future of the world depended on whether America would stand or stay down. Then as the world watched with amazement, Americans pushed aside their personal differences and stood to their feet against a common enemy. As the world watched, Americans returned to their daily lives and responsibilities. We showed that we were a resilient people who refused to live in fear and intimidation. Then the world watched with awe as we demonstrated our technological and military superiority. We sent a clear message that we were awake and were prepared to defend ourselves. We proved that though we were vulnerable, we were indomitable. The world watched us with respect and admiration.

Ten years later the world is still watching but for a different reason. Our nation is under attack but this time the target is not our physical landmarks but our moral standards. The enemy is not from outside but from within. The challenge is not against our military might but against our individual conscience. For starters, the first target is our American family. There is a major effort to redefine what constitutes the family. History proves that no civilization ever survived without the family. As goes the family, so goes the nation. If such erosions continue, our American way of life will crumble from within. The world is watching with shock as Americans are destroying the nucleus of our great nation.

The second target is our children. There is a battle raging for the hearts and minds of American kids. Instead of a stable parental guidance, they are being bombarded by secularist worldview all day and sexual immorality all evening. Movies, television and the music industry are teaching our kids about the “new right.” Sex, violence and addiction are flaunted by their role models. The age of innocence of our kids is dropping drastically. Now kids are behaving like adults and adults are acting like kids. The world is watching with disappointment as Americans are destroying the future of our great nation.

The last target is the foundational values of our nation. There is a clear attempt to erode all traditional concepts of right and wrong. Atheistic values are the new order. Every effort is being made to pass laws that will further cheapen life, morality and accountability. In other words, “If it feels right, do it.” The world is watching with disdain at how Americans are reverting to self-destructive life-styles. Our enemies are not opposed to Christian values as much as to our lack of values. Furthermore, the world is watching with anger as we not only boast about our trash but we also force feed it to other cultures through our entertainment industry and “humanitarian” pretexts.

There is another set of eyes that are watching us. You can even find one at the back of a dollar bill. It represents the eye of God upon our nation. The words around the eye read, “Annuit Coeptis.” It is Latin for “He has favored our undertakings.” So far God has watched over our nation through devastating times. He has pulled us up time and again. Now He is watching to see how we will respond to our enemy within.

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